Help Using the Database

Data Search
There are three ways of searching for images:
1. “By Category”. Click here and go to galleries of art created in a given geographical location. Select a geographical location and you will be asked to choose a medium. Seven images selected in chronological order are loaded at one time, you can request more images by clicking on the next number on the bottom of the screen.

2. “By Artist”. Type in the name of the artist, last name first, first name last. Until improvements in the database can be made, it is important to write the full name, otherwise a null return will result. Delineate between the names with a comma:

Gervex, Henry
If there are several works by that artist they will be placed in the gallery, seven at a time.

3. “By title”. Type the full title of the work you wish to see. Again, until improvements in the database can be made, any other entry will result in a null return.

“Partial String Search” You can perform a search with a partial string. For example, if you wanted to find artwork with a subject matter relating to vases, you yould enter:

“Vase” or “vase”
For now, the search engine is case sensitive, but we hope to simplyfy this shortly.

“Rivera Archive”. This site gives you an in-depth look at photographs that were taken while Diego Rivera’s painted his fresco at The Detroit Institute of Arts. This site also includes GIF animation’s that allow you to see the work under construction as well as contemporary views.

“Add to my Gallery”. When you are viewing your selected gallery, you may click on a given image which will return a larger, more detailed image. If you so wish, you can place the picture in your very own gallery by clicking on the “Add to my Gallery” button. You can then resume browsing images, eventually clicking to your own gallery (“Go to my Gallery”) from any galley you are in.

Please have patience when requesting data. A gallery build typically takes one minute.

Monetary transactions

“Publication Rights/Order Images”. There are two ways to Order Images.
1. The manual method: Where ever you see the prompt “Publication Rights/Order Images”, you can request images for publication. Merely print and fill out the form, following the simple instructions.

2. The automatic method: Create your own gallery by clicking on the gallery images. This will present you with a larger image for your inspection. Select the “Add to my Gallery” button. By using the “Go to my Gallery” button, you can review the images you wish to order. Merely click on the “Order These Images” and you will be presented with a print-out order form with the specific items already included. Go to your browsers menu and select “print” for a paper document.


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