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Copyright ownership and/or reproduction rights may be retained by the artist for works of art created after January l, 1978. Any and all royalty payments or other requirements specified by the copyright owner of such a work must be adhered to by the Publisher or agent requesting reproduction permission.

Past Catalogues

The Visual Resources Department also publishes a slide catalogue, listing approximately five thousand 35mm color slides for sale at $2.00 each, plus postage and handling. This catalogue is available for $7.50 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.

Best 10 Crowdsourcing Sites for Your Business

Best 10 Crowdsourcing Sites for Your Business

Crowdsourcing Sites for Your Business Crowdsourcing has become a popular way for raise money for business, to launch a product, to grow or fund a project. This can be done through the help of friends, peers, colleagues, family and complete strangers through a crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crowdsourcing sites on the internet today and this makes it harder for people looking for help to actually find the best sites that meet their needs. Here are the…

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How To Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Art

How To Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Art

Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Artwork Social media has not just changed our social lives, but online commerce as well.  Many tech-savvy businesses are leveraging the influence of social media to improve their profitability. Not even art sellers have been left behind by this modern-day marketing and sales revolution. But if you are an art seller who is still wondering how you can sell your products using Instagram, here are a few pointers to help you along. How to Leverage…

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Detroit Institute of Arts Visual Resources Art Image Database

Welcome to the Detroit Institute of Arts Visual Resources Art Image Database. We invite you to view many of our works of art in our museum’s collections by visiting your choice of Galleries by Geography and Category or directly by your choice of Title or Artist. All images on these DIA Web pages are “Copyright © The Detroit Institute of Arts.” Reproduction of these images requires licensing through our Rights and Reproduction Department. Licensing is limited to the specific permissions…

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