Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Artwork

Social media has not just changed our social lives, but online commerce as well.  Many tech-savvy businesses are leveraging the influence of social media to improve their profitability.

Not even art sellers have been left behind by this modern-day marketing and sales revolution.

But if you are an art seller who is still wondering how you can sell your products using Instagram, here are a few pointers to help you along.

How To Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Art

How to Leverage Instagram to Sell your Art

1. Keep Your Account Focused on Your Art

If you want the Instagram community to take your art seriously, you have to keep your account focused on selling your art.

Posts about your dog’s latest antics will not appeal to some buyers, especially when you are in the high-end art market.

If you enjoy the light and social side to having an Instagram account, there is no reason you can’t have a personal account as well.

Considering that people are selling art pieces worth well over $20 million on Instagram. You can bet that art sale is big and serious business on this social media platform

2. Get Many Followers

There are a couple of reasons why having many followers is important when selling your art on Instagram; and here they are.

  • Credibility is very important to any business; and on Instagram, that comes from having many followers. That is because a huge following will signal to potential art buyers that many people can trust you, and that they should as well.


  • With a large Instagram following, the buyers will also have a chance to see the kind of feedback your community is giving you so that they know if what you are selling is legit.


  • Having many followers also means that you will have a bigger market for your products.


  • Since some people are practically always on Instagram, you can find a buyer for your art products in minutes when you have a huge following. Check more here

3. Learn how to Use Hashtags and Tags

Even if you are on Instagram just to get money from your art, you have to learn a few things about the social media platform as well; starting with hashtags.

Using hashtags makes your art descriptions clickable, which generates more interest in your art. Similarly, you should learn about tags.

On Instagram, there are art critics and other accounts dedicated to art.

You can tag them if you are convinced their input would contribute to the success of your online art business.

How To Leverage Instagram to Sell Your Art

4. Be Ready to Sell Immediately

Before posting your art product on Instagram, be ready to delivery the work immediately.

Life moves fast on Instagram, and when you post something, buyers will assume they will get the product as soon as you have agreed on the price and the payment has been made.

So, don’t start posting art products that will be available several days or weeks later and expect the buyer to patiently wait until then.


While many people seem more than satisfied using Instagram to keep the world updated on their pets, latest selfies, and meals among other things.

More entrepreneurial minds are exploiting the broad reach of this social media platform to make some cash.

And if you are an art seller, above are some ways you can use Instagram to sell your products.